Who is Asami

Who Is Asami


A young entrepreneur originally from Japan.  She was educated in New Zealand and started her working career in United Kingdom.  Her unique passion for life was obvious early on in her life when she decided that a career in banking in the UK didn’t fulfill her dreams, so she travelled to Sevilla looking for more and this is when the true love story for Flamenco Dance began. 

After many years of training in the the traditional art of Flamenco dance she continued to follow her heart and opened a small Flamenco Dance school on the Costa Del Sol, Flamenco Benalmadena (Now known as Flamenco Costa Del Sol)


You can also find online Asami’s own Online Flamenco Courses, with unique personalised training, and one to one coaching at Flamenco Online Community


Being Authentic to yourself and true to your heart iis what Asami is most passionate about.